domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

Romantic Phrases in English - Frases de Amor em Inglês

Lugar dos Apaixonados

Romantic Phrases in English

Various Authors

"What good have everything in life? If my only true happiness would be complete without you by my side!"

 "The light of your eyes is what makes me believe a little more things can be better." "Sometimes I see so stunning, and I am amazed watching you up to pass."

 "Birds sing, the moon and stars adorn the sky, the bees pollinate the flowers that delight the earth. We are all something special, and my love you know is special."

 "I'm afraid even when I think of you, it seems that I lose my mind."

 "... You forget how to embrace the world is simply impossible!"

 "Her beauty inspires me, the way I love to but I feel complete when you are sharing with you a wonderful time."

 "Her beauty inspires me, the way I love to but only next to feel complete."

 "Just your smile just for me to be happy ..."

 "When we truly love, we prove that there are still romantic people."

 "I know it's love when these away your name is always in my mouth, my eyes in your image, your perfume in my nostrils, feel the taste of your lips on my defects pesamento not meet you, my eyes are only for you, I can not find. "

 "What amazes me is beautiful, but what fascinates me is sincere! My child, my beautiful, my life, my love ... I have a lifetime to love you, I give you my affection to beat faster the heart, the brightness of your eyes to find the strength I need to go on, love is eternal and forever keep you in my heart. "

 "And if you find me? Not give up, I'll walk until our paths cross, because my destiny is with you"

 "When I'm around you the time passes very quickly, it seems there is nothing bad in the world outside, it's good to look at you and say I love you, adore you, want you ..."

 "One day I was looking at the stars and giving each one a reason to love the result: I failed stars."

 "The hurt is the result of a failed love. If this is true, I do not know this feeling, as each day passes, the more I get involved with this baby. So today, I can safely say, I love you forever! "

 "Love is not a mere sentiment, but a solution for a better world. There are paths that lead to it, depending on the way that we draw. So let me respond with my love that will lead you to the ways of my heart! "